Thursday, April 23, 2009

to do: make my own alcohol infusion

wall of infusions at poste brasserie

a few weeks ago, wen and i decided to grab a drink at poste in penn quarter. as we were catching up, i noticed a collection of bottles on the wall and a bartender making a fuss. i realized quickly that he was hand creating the infusions that poste boasts in their signature cocktails. my curiosity got the best of me and i spent the better of 15 minutes peppering the poor guy with questions on how to do it, how long it lasts, the best fruits/spices to use etc.

vintage grape crusher thingie

when i was in philly for miss anna's birthday, i found out that my friends make homemade wine. j is a second generation italian and his family has been making homemade wine for over 25 years. they own cranks and crushers and make everything from grapes on their own. i was grateful that they sent me home with a couple bottles. one was made by someone in the family a long time ago (70's maybe?) and another is from their 2006 batch. i haven't yet tasted it but i'm hoping to have an occasion to open the bottle soon.

the garage set-up (30+ gallons of vino)

with all the unique things i've tasted in dc and philly, the processes i've learned, i've been inspired to create my own infusion for a summer cocktail.

hopefully, soon, i can tell you how it goes.

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