Thursday, March 18, 2010

currently obsessed: moleskine city maps

i like to take notes when i travel. in africa, i wrote my notes in a regular moleskin pocket notebook. i wrote what we did, what i ate, what that pic was about, observations on the life there, the people and what to remember to do if i ever go back.

when i went to dublin a few years ago, i grabbed one of these moleskin city notebooks in order to take notes and map out our adventures. they have also expanded their line to asian and more north american cities.

i have a cousin in from the philippines this week and since it's his first time on the east coast, i figured i'd take him to see the big lights of new york city. i figured i'd pick one up to expand my growing moleskin collection and not scream "tourist!" on the subway.

good things about this:

  • the maps are broken out onto multiple pages and blown up, so they are discreet. you are not unfolding a bedsheet sized map and making yourself a target (of jokes or worse).
  • there are clear tracing papers that you can overlay on the map, so you can write out paths or mark locations you want to visit without ruining your map. great to re- use for that next visit.
  • there is a list of all the subway stations and where they are on the map.
  • there are so many dividers to place notes like restraurants you liked (or not), phone numbers for box offices, your hotel, etc.
  • it's so small it can fit in my pocket (or small handbag)

i love it!

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