Monday, July 14, 2008

The Post Bungee Series: Day 1

beignets & iced chicory at cafe du monde | new orleans, may 2008

I'm supposed to be in New Orleans again today, enjoying beignets.

In hindsight, I'm not really missing the "cool and crisp 93 degree swampland." Thanks for the update, DK. Sorry you're there, but then again, it could be worse.

Long story short: My bungee jumping in Africa resorted in a torn ACL. And yes, I walked around for a month without getting it checked out. Apparently, I have a high threshold of pain. Not to mention that I was really busy. Like dealing with the Secret Service busy... for two separate events. Both within in one month. Masochistic, table for one...

Needless to say, I have been too busy to think about the blog. And out of frustration on all these things happening at once, the months of May and June have been not quite so fun. I had a turning point in the last two weeks and have been slowly returning to myself. It's a good thing.

My surgery was today. It was quick outpatient thing. You know, like a drive thru. At least that's how it felt. Fortunately enough for me, they were quick to give me happy juice and within 10 minutes, I was in la-la land and out like a light. It was fun, I think... at least what I can remember of it. I woke up to a gaggle of nurses putting my shoes on and getting me ready to hear about las drogas. Si, las drogas!

Luckily, I did not react to the anesthetic the way that I did when I was got my wisdom teeth pulled. It was bad. As in, the way one acts after crossing that threshold of having too much to drink and just ends up being dead weight --slumping over until something breaks your fall. Like the wall. Or the floor. Yup, that was a fun day.

Anyway, within an hour of getting out of surgery, I went grocery shopping and to Target with my dad. As in, not sitting in the car waiting, but crutching my way through both stores. It really was nothing. Yay for percoset and really high thresholds of pain!

After getting back to the parent's abode -- they are graciously taking me in for a few days to make sure I don't end up on the floor of my condo like Mrs. Fletcher - LOL - I discovered that I need not be on crutches 100% of the time. I thought I was hearing things (was still in lala) when they moved me to my wheelchair at the surgery center because they were not at all concerned that I put weight on my leg. Hm?

In fact, my doctor told me I can be off crutches when I'm comfortable, as in within a few days or so AND he will not let me use a leg brace because he wants me to start using my leg to help heal me faster (He's an athlete and noted as a top of the top knee doctors/surgeons in DC. He also was named Top Doctor of 2008 award by Washingtonian Magazine).

I'm liking that I don't "need" the crutches and have already started hobbling around without them (no worries, I'm not going long distances). Here's hoping that I'm not in for a rude awakening tomorrow morning when the drugs wear off tonight.

OK, back to sitting around and watching cable. Oh, what a life!


  1. glad to hear/read that your knee surgery went well. hope the recovery goes well too and that you can rest a bit at your parents' house.

  2. sorry you had to go thru surgery, hon! but glad that it went well. heal up fast, and heart percoset. (i know i do. wait, did i just admit to that?!)

  3. SHUTUP WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! I had no idea that you had this surgery! I am happy to see you are hearing well. When do you go in for a post op visit? I started the PT and I, too, am feeling better as the days go on...we are soooo messed up knee twins!

  4. BUT!

    at least you got your injury in the form of a great anecdote!

    eh?eh? eh? :)

    feel better and do rest up!