Wednesday, July 16, 2008

things i've learned while on percocet

  • playing mariokart with a seven year old while on percocet will ultimately result in a loss. as in, 12th place. as in quote: "umm, a. leah, you're swerving a lot."
  • waking up in the middle of the night while on meds and realizing that you really have to go to the bathroom and trying to use crutches quickly while groggy = lots of clumsy and lots of whimpering in pain
  • percocet+ a girl that can hardly handle a tall latte = a very sleepy, rambling leah (that accidentally IM's the wrong people. whoops!)
  • trying to update a budget that should take maybe an hour, takes much longer when you fall asleep for 4 hours in the middle of doing it. (i have a laptop desk in bed with me.)
  • taking off the dressings on your wound should be done while on percocet. it was much funnier that way. otherwise, it's downright gross. my leg = not so cute when it's swollen, covered in blood and bruised.

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