Monday, September 29, 2008

an apple a day

golden delicious | stribling orchard in markham, VA | september 2008

a couple of weekends ago, we went on our annual family apple picking trip. mostly we go for the kids but with a hidden agenda since all us adults love to cook, myself included. one cousin made a pie, another apple turnovers. me, i settled on an apple tart to bring to a girls weekend (more on that later). i thought it would a great accompaniment to a lazy morning coffee.

a new addition to my repertoire: apple tart

instead of following all the recipes i found online, i got the idea and created my own dough. while it's not quite perfect (yet), it's another thing that i can kinda claim as my own. for all you cousins out there, this is what i'm bringing for thanksgiving -- if we can ever decide who's hosting.

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