Thursday, November 06, 2008

they said it...

i realize this is late, but it's taken a while to take it all in.

the last two days in dc have been surreal and amazing. realizing that my vote helped turn my battleground state make what i think is the right decision was a humbling and proud moment for me as an american. while i realize that maybe the impact of this election might be more apparent since i live in dc, after reading and watching various blogs, papers, and news reports, i know that this election is not just affecting me but the world. and while i'd rather not taint this entry with negativity, but i can't help to share another reason why i know i made the right choice. i won't say that obama or the democratic party is perfect but the following video proves that the rest of the country saw what i saw: a desperate attempt to win an election by all means necessary regardless of its potential consequences. i'm sorry, i don't want the woman next door to be running my country. i want someone who knows what s/he is doing.

this is from fox news. not exactly the most liberal of the media outlets.

if you're too lazy to watch, the basic gist is that some insiders on the mccain team have admittted that sarah palin was a "hail mary" (aka last resort decision) and that people on the team were concerned about her knowledge of current events, civics, and other general knowledge. case in point: sarah palin didn't know that africa was a continent. may i remind you that she was running for vice president. vice president. seriously.

thanks america for using your brain.

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