Wednesday, December 24, 2008

santa's workshop

my work table

no, i didn't tamper with my timestamp. i'm pulling a semi-all nighter to finish wrapping presents. if you didn't already know, i have a huge family.

don't we all have that person that's hard to buy for? it's so much easier to make something pretty for them. here are a few of the decoupaged ornaments that i made. didn't they come out cute? and really, it took no time, just a little bit of patience and creativity.

my family celebrates christmas on on christmas eve, so i better get to bed. tomorrow's agenda? baking. if i have time, pictures later. merry christmas!


  1. glad you found the ornaments! they look v. cute. hope your BB brings you back up here soon...

  2. Leah i'm coming out of lurk mode. Great blog!!!