Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy new year!

my new year's day brunch of baked brie, apples and crackers

it's 2009! i started 2008 barely being able to move (nye. eighteenth street lounge. shots. enough said.) so in an effort to give my liver a small break and letting myself enjoy the daytime of new year's day, i decided to keep it simple this year.

i had a small nye's happy hour/open house. people came after work, had a few drinks, some funny/great conversation, and then went off their separate ways for other bashes or in the case of a few of us, bed (a lot of us were sick).

anyway, with such a small gathering of people (i sent out invitations less than 24 hours before), it was perfect to make some of my favorite (and easy!) appetizers.

on the menu:
  • endive spears with orange, toasted almonds, goat cheese and olive oil
  • meatballs in the usual party sauce
  • brie en croute with raspberry preserves and toasted almonds (picture below)
  • a flourless chocolate cake with hints of orange (picture below)

all, in all, it was a great night. and i fulfilled my goal of waking up without feeling like i'm going to die. YAY 2009! hope you had a great one.

brie en croute with raspberry

flourless chocolate cake in dome


  1. hey, i recognize the cake container. wuv ya.

  2. YUM! you know what else is yum --- brie served with crackers, fruit (apples, etc.) and a dip of plain yogurt and honey. :)

  3. I'm mad I missed your party! I hope your 2009 is going well so far!