Sunday, June 07, 2009

to do: art-o-matic

corporate related art [forgot to note artist]

i hate to admit this, but this is the first year i've ever made it to art-o-matic. and i'm kicking myelf for never taking the chance to stop by the last couple of years. needless to say, i think it's pretty amazing. some of the installations are way over my head (see above), but a lot of them are simply beautiful and obviously, very creative.

this year, there are 9 floors so there is plenty to look at. i definitely plan on going back a couple more times before it ends on july 5th. besides the usual paintings, mixed media and installations, there's film, performance, fire (yes, i said fire, beavis), theater and spoken word. oh, and the washington post's peep diaromas are there too (not including my non-placing entry -- boo. hiss.)

here are some of the ones that was able to check out today. aren't they great?

pompeii [forgot to note the artist's name]

little monsters by monstergrrl [sp?]

paintings by liliane blom [my favorite. a must buy!]

as an added bonus, not only can you see and buy art, you can participate in various workshops to learn from the artists. truth be told, that was the main reason that i made my way into that part of town on a game day. for all you with new (or old) SLRs looking to fine-tune your photos, they are offering a good photography refresher course for all those little buttons on that big camera body. the instructor breaks the basics down pretty well and even makes time for hands on practice as well as one-on-one questions. definitely worth the trip downtown, especially since parking can be such a big deterent.

so, if you're in dc for the next couple of weeks, don't forget to stop by!

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