Sunday, March 15, 2009

SnugPeep - the Blanket with Sleeves

Last year, I posted about my cousin's and friend's semi-finalist entry to the Washington Post Peep Diorama Contest.

This year, I finally got in on the action and created a diorama with my friend Chris. A few weeks ago, I sewed a Snuggie and made a couch and laptop with modeling foam.

In true fashion, I waited until the last possible minute to work with Chris on the rest (the deadline is before midnight tonight). But coincidentally, we're both very detail-oriented and were able to pull this together in just a few hours this afternoon/evening.

Here's a close-up:

some fun facts that you may not see in this non-professional photo.

  • i actually hand-sewed the snuggie
  • the couch isn't [p]leather but it matches the color of the couch on the commercial.
  • that window is double-paned (backyard image, plastic film, wood then more plastic film)
  • the photos of the peeps on the walls include the grand canyon and niagara falls.
  • i framed all the photos with wood and plastic film.
  • chris made molding for the top and bottom of our walls; she even pulled out a saw today.
  • chris created the peep bunny inspired wall paper and painted the peep screensaver on the laptop.
  • yes, that's coaster. but you can choose your ending: beer vs soda.

See how mini some of the pieces were? (we nixed this piece in our entry)

Definitely fun. I'm already thinking of my entry for next year!

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