Friday, December 07, 2007

i'm just sayin.

so, i read this blog, pretty in the city, because this chick karyn has balls. that and she's just a nice, normal bloggurl that lives a way cool life in nyc. she also has really fun friends:

now, if only i could find a guy who would do this and enjoy it.

while i'm on the subject of people that i know only in my head and not in real life: the barbara walters special on the 10 most fascinating people is on. yeah, i know. but i don't have cable, so you can't blame me because it's this or watching the cw. anyway, david and victoria beckham are currently being interviewed and i cannot keep my eyes off of david beckham. umm, hi...

however, i muted the TV because between him and babwa, i want to tear my ears off. how does a man that sexy have a voice like that? he just fell a few notches off the hot ladder (not much mind you, but some). becksy, just smile and use those smoldering eyes. leave the talking to posh. "majah!" sigh.

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