Friday, December 28, 2007

move over martha

45 minutes after a run to ikea later, joanne and i created a bubbly little play room art for miss jamie and miss nina nina.

did i mention that these bubbles are dinner placemats that we cut up? total cost of decor for this wall: $12 (lamps not included). i think i might just submit it to ikea hacker (though, compared to the other entries, this might be the simplest of hacks).


  1. very nice. you are my domestic role model. anyhoo, i finally started a blog and my goal is to celebrate all the good things in my life. =)

  2. um, super cute. i hate you.

  3. i forgot to tell you how much i liked this idea and i hope you remember how to do it when...

    happy new year,

  4. hi! why hasn't martha hired u yet?

  5. I liiiike it!! :) Um, does EVERYONE have a blogspot now?!