Thursday, March 27, 2008

africa or bust.

Email that I received two days ago:

"have a great time
don't die
take great pictures
have a great time"
I'm here. I'm safe. Since this first leg is mostly work, I probably won't have pictures nor will I have too many interesting updates until later this weekend. But here are my observances so far:

  • Business class is the way to go. Seriously. I'm so spoiled now.
  • It was really neat to fly over the Sahara desert. Miles and miles of sand and nothing. SURREAL.
  • It was strange to land in the country that was not lit up like US cities at night. But in a cool, strange way, not a weird, strange way. You can just feel that you're in a different place. Love it.
  • That feeling reminds me of being in the Philippines.
  • I was a little freaked out seeing des milles colline vans in the airport parking lot since I watched the movie the night before I left. I know, I know... stupid of me.
  • The people are super nice.

1 comment:

  1. glad you got there safe and sound! enjoy and take lots and lots of pictures!