Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Peep-ster!

I'm on my way out to my family's Easter Egg-stravaganza. My family is crazy and crazy big. Just think the Bradys x 5. at every holiday. and child's birthday. until they turn 18. or... forever (my parents still throw me birthday dinners and invite the extended fam. I'm telling you, B-R-A-D-Y, just Filipino). At last count, the expected arrival at today's event is 41 adults (with a potential of a+ 5), 20 kids and at least 60 eggs filled with candy (and money). I'm excited for our little ones, but tired just thinking about it.

Anyway, I wanted to give a shout out to my cousins and friends who entered the Washington Post's Peep Show Diorama Contest. The contest is all about re-creating events in history or pop culture using Peeps (I mean, that's all they are really good for - because they are SHA-nasty [b & j that was for you]. I was dying to join this year, but alas, no time and I had a severe lack of focus. My many, many ideas spanned the following: "Peeps, I hate peeps " from the Indiana Jones movie - the part where opens the door and sees snakes all over the ground to Peeps on a Plane to Peepstock and to my favorite of "Addicted to Peep" a la Robert Palmer. Maybe next year...

Anyway, my friends were featured on CBS Sunday Morning this morning, in print in the Sunday Source and on Washington Post online (it's a flash file so I haven't figured out to paste here - it's entry #5). They were genius and used the following video as inspiration and became finalists. I'm so proud (of the peep diorama; i'm a little skeptical about the so-called exercise program in this Cebuano jail)! Check it out.

The inspiration (as if you haven't seen this a million times already - at least it's still hilarious for the 75th time):

Ok, gotta go deliver my potluck dish. Just a simple pasta carbonara a la leah - sans egg (one of the kids has an allergy). It's probably the simplest pasta dish ever; and with 50 people showing up, that's a lot of bacon. It only took me an hour to do this but now my studio and everything in it, clothes included, smells like bacon. According to Kitas' friend Matt, girls should wear bacon smelling perfume to attract men. I'd rather not test this theory- so I'm going to go see if I can find a warehouse sized bottle of febreze instead.

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