Sunday, March 16, 2008

miss me yet?

Life is life. It's been all kinds of crazy in my world as of late and so blogging has been put on the back burner since I'm one of those that can't just throw up an update. I'm too neurotic for that.

Anyway, work is sending me to Africa (yes, Africa) for a week and a half and I decided that I'm going to enjoy another week over there myself seeing this wonder of the world with my own eyes.

I'm working on editing (read: protecting the names of the innocent) some great conversations about getting ready for Africa from a very sarcastic friend/coworker who is going with me. Since the event that we're doing there is a BEAST that's keeping me up at night, it's good to know I'll have someone to laugh with during all the stress.

In the meantime, with friends leaving DC, babies being born all around me, and the Wisconsin extension of our family coming to visit (count: 6 kids under 10 in addition to our usual 7), I've become the potluck queen. More often that not, I choose dessert. It's easy and easy to make "fancy".

Here's a bouquet of yum that's spring and Easter inspired.

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