Saturday, May 31, 2008

heart on my sleeve, i guess.

it's been a crazy week. after my stint in the emergency room, i had a pretty pathetic memorial day resting up and packing for a dreaded trip to the airport with crutches. my knee was killing then. luckily, after stabilizing for a couple of days, i was able to hobble along while at my event sans crutches to keep everything running smoothly so not to piss the USSS off. crazy, i tell you. i'm home now, thankful for the thunderstorm so i can sit at home and catch up on my netflix and rest my knee without feeling guilty. there's a possibility that i walked up and down bourbon street one too many times last night.

one night this week, i went out with a few people for dinner. two people who joined me, i've known for just over a year and the other, i've known for five or so. the person i've known longer had commented on my injury as the waiter ran into it resulting in a a little yelp.

him: "you are right, YOU are THAT person."
me: "yup."
other two: "huh"
him: "she's that one person, who always has something happen to her"
me: "i'm just waiting to catch malaria"
other one: "well, actually, things probably happen to everyone, leah just happens to tell people her stories"
him and me: "yeah i guess"

but i still contend that there is a high probability that if something is going to go wrong, i'm somehow involved in it. luckily, it's nothing terrible. just unfortunate or funny enough to make a story out of it.

for instance:

this is winter 2004. and yes, my tires (not just hubcaps) were stolen from my car by some neighborhood thieves. when i was in new jersey. oh, and it was 4pm on a sunday when we discovered it. yes, i had work the next day and was planning to leave. and, of course, mine was the only car that got hit.

my name is leah, things happen to me.

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  1. I have a few things...
    1. thank you for accepting things happen to you. Sometimes, they happen to me and I dont deal well. ie; medicine cabinet falling off the wall...twice. windshield wiper going flying off my car in the middle of a hurricane. yeah.

    2. ACL?!! Doc thinks I retore mine which means I MAY need surgery this summer. Going for an MRI on And yes, mine hurts too. No heels, stairs are bad and certainly no dancing.