Monday, May 05, 2008

prescription, schmiption

leah: you know what is driving me crazy? besides the fact that i want to drink now?

my anti-malaria pills (i still have to take them just in case) say not to get excessive sun exposure

and i fell asleep at the park. in the sun. yesterday.

i'm all kinds of itchy today. i feel like a kid with chicken pox.

Neil: damn, that would be crazy if you got malaria

: exactly why i haven't stopped taking the pills yet

: that would only happen to you

: i know.

i, in my infinite knowledge, chose my anti-malarial pills based on side effect, not on length of time.

A = hallucinations and nightmares (4 weeks of pills)
hallucinations could be fun, but a little scary.

B = canker/cold sores (2 weeks of pills or something like that)
umm, no. there is no saying yes to herpes simplex 1.

C = clearing up acne, upset stomach (6+ weeks of pills)
clear face, no malaria? sweet!

so needless to say, even though i've been back for 3 weeks, i'm taking these pills for 6 more days (and that's only because i forgot to take some last week). the only problem is that there is a restriction to the exposure of sun* on the label. this is a problem for the girl who likes to be outside on gorgeous days. and read a book. and possibly fall asleep. at the park. to african drumming.

yesterday's sunday fun day, was spent at my 2nd favorite place in the city, with a mat, a book, and a julia's empanada; waiting for the african drums to start while listening to the rush of the fountain going downhill. it was all good, so good, in fact, that i fell asleep outside. that is, until the holy roller with the bullhorn showed up, and woke me up with bible verses.

in case you didn't know, holy roller + bull horn = ineffective way of converting people, especially when these people are trying to relax in the park on a lazy sunday afternoon and just listen to some percussion (yes, including cow bell). and seriously, bible verses are not meant to be yelled out on a bull horn in that tone. get it right.

needless to say, i sat at work, scratching away. typing a word, then scratching away. i need mittens. or to stop taking malarial pills. but since things tend to happen to me, i think i won't give up on these pills just yet.

*this totally explains why i was sooooooo red in africa and why i thought i was allergic to the sheets and itchy for four days straight. stupid me. i am filipino after all.

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