Sunday, May 04, 2008

Too tired to write coherently

It's weekend bullet time (hey, it counts as an update).

  • instead of drinking my life away on friday night, i chose to spend sometimes outdoors with a book at my favorite spot in the city. ended up people watching, meeting the guards, being totally weirded out by a guy in a wilco shirt who stood 1 foot away from me but wouldn't say a word, and being surprised with a choral concert. there is never a quiet day in dc.
  • as i was walking the breadth of the mall yesterday, doing my second 'job' as dc tourguide (i love this), i was planning on getting some sun to keep my african tan going. the only discernible, additional tan i got was on my feet, in the shape of flip flop. awesome.
  • even awesomer is the fact that even though i was not a purchaser of the $200 tickets to attend a fundraising gala to help support DC artists and their work, is that i was allowed to get dolled up in a dress that i haven't yet worn since it's purchase 2 years ago, attend the gala after some minimal volunteering, see a performance, see some art, eat some yummies, drink (thanks to campari), dance the night away to the resident Saint-Ex DJs in a venue not 1/10 as crowded as Gate 54, and even received a swag bag. thanks CuDC.
  • though after looking through the swag bag this morning, the only thing i got remotely excited about was vodka, chocolate, and a magnet - because i need one for my fridge.
  • by the way, what's with the hordes of guys who showed up at a creative cocktail event in polo shorts, pleated khakis and seer sucker pants? with the art, the artists and the graffiti covered walls, i felt like i was in a weird remake of pretty in pink (80's music included).today, i'm itching to play outside again. so returns sunday fun day. yay for warm weather!

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