Saturday, August 30, 2008

care packages

it's been a long time since i've posted anything creative on here - probably because i haven't any time to pretend martha.

this week, i was fortunate to see my friend, stacy - with no 'e', on her way to her new residence in the sunshine state from the garden state. and while our visit was limited to just one hour, i was able to send her on her way with a care package for the long drive ahead. in it were her favorites: reese's pieces, sour patch kids, some organic snacks aptly named 'pirates booty' and of course, her favorite pita chips aptly spelled with no 'e'. all of it was packed in a beach bucket for her to use upon going to the beach of course -- which by the way is ten minutes from her new house.

as i was saving this photo away into my goodies file, i remembered that i never posted these pictures of other care packages that i've left for visitors to casa leah.

while i was away in africa, m&g stayed at my condo for a weekend to celebrate the cherry blossoms.

a weekend package consisting of all kinds of salty and sweets... along with my keys.

towels and l'occitane bath stuffs set on the bed for the visitors.

by the way, i found a friend of a friend who is a photographer who will teach me how to use my new camera. oh, and apparently, according to her, i received a GREAT camera. better pictures to come for sure!

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  1. thanks again miss leah. it was very creative and beautiful. hope to see you down these parts soon and very soon.