Sunday, August 03, 2008

my little corner of paradise

For those of you that have graced my abode, you've noticed (and probably bugged me about) the hot pink notes taped to the unfilled frames over my couch.

Yes, I moved in here over a year ago. Yes, I just fixed the frames yesterday. Yes, they are a little crooked. Most of the frames are made for table tops and I have yet to pull off the leg in the back. Hey, something is better than nothing! I'll fix the crookedness when I can move the couch out of the way without risk of hurting myself.

The frames took me a year to fill only because I wasn't sure what types of photos (or artwork) that I would put in them. Finally, I decided to fill them with images that I've taken on my travels. I had a set plan with a plethora of images around the nation and Europe. Then I booked a trip to Ireland and decided to wait. I was ready to print and finish this, and then Africa happened. Before my surgery, I finally ordered some prints and hung them up after the hailstorm from yesterday woke me up from my percocet induced nap.

I plan on going to South America next spring so these photos will most likely change (or not) but these are my favorites (most have been featured on this site already).

clockwise from the top:

  • hornbill in the early morning | livingstone, zambia - april 2008
  • st. basil's cathedral | moscow, russia - may 2006
  • poet on arbat street | moscow, russia - may 2006
  • liwa & her baby ele | livingstone, zambia - april 2008
  • the zambezi river at sunset | livingstone, zambia - april 2008
  • belle triste - jewel on barbed wire | louisville, kentucky - june 2008
  • wheels in bunratty village | county clare, ireland - september 2007
  • the rynek - iron mask | krakow, poland - may 2006
  • victoria falls | livingstone, zambia - april 2008
  • carrick-a-rede bridge | north antrim, ireland - september 2007
  • girl with her mother | kigali, rwanda - march 2008
  • pots in a corner | louisville, kentucky - may 2006
  • blarney castle | blarney, ireland - september 2007

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