Sunday, August 24, 2008

sunday funday

A few weeks ago, when I was arranging the photographs for my little nook at my parents house (trying to mooch of their color printer), my aunt happened to be within earshot of my lament that the photos I took would have come out much better with an SLR instead of my point and shoot. She mentioned had one laying around and that I could have it if I wanted. While I did get a little excited, I didn't think much of it. Until today.

Tita B totally pulled through and gave me her NikonD40 to try out and see if it's to my liking. So even on this humid day, after the baptism chaos with the family and being tired after a druken stupor that a good friend induced after my sad state yesterday, I promptly headed to Meridian Hill Park to test out my new toy.

Not bad considering I haven't figured out all the buttons. Once I can figure out the settings, I think I'll love it even more and maybe get some better shots. I can't wait to find a photography class!

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  1. I love these this place! I want to go back now.