Saturday, January 24, 2009

belated inauguration stuff

for the millionth time, inauguration was amazing. i'll spare you the details -- i know almost a week later people have been oversaturated but i don't want my pictures to fall into the black hole of memory cards. this blog is, afterall, for posterity.

here are my some of my favs from the weekend. the others are up on the flickr site (with details).


wesley was at the mall at 5am. what an amazing day for such a great kid!

after waiting 4+ hours for the concert, people started climbing trees...

and finding seats on the port o' pottys (yuck!)...

and just being fun.

mood of the weekend: hopeful for CHANGE


7:00am vs 10:00am

watching the sun rise with 1.9million of my best friends

a sea of people

"office of president of the united states..."

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