Thursday, January 15, 2009

twit happens

in one word - what happened to my blog? twitter.

it's quick. and you avoid my needless ramblings since there's 140 character limit. genius!

i've been lagging on the posts and unfortunately have not updated on the many things that have been going on. not-so liveleah of me huh? so bear with me, i think there will be a blitz of stuff coming up soon - some kinda old; some new. with the inauguration coming up and a pretty aggressive plan to get into the city (i'm going to end up walking over the memorial bridge - bet!), the SLR will be getting some play. that, and i've got "the bug" so i'm hoping that i'll be taking a few trips in 2009. that is, if my uber practical "we're in a recession" conscience doesn't get me first.

anyway, who wants to teach me how to get my tweets up on this? preferably on the side bar -->

you will be paid in food. [UPDATE: blogger has a search function. sweet! tweets are below!]

speaking of, check out my dinner tonight (i love my SLR!):
pancetta, peas, pasta, pepper & parmesan (+garlic, but that wasn't pretty to write)

p.s. it was yum.

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