Sunday, March 01, 2009

it was feckin' great craic!

so in the fall of 2007, i decided - on a whim - to go to ireland to visit my cousin, maye. while planning, i recruited my cousins and a friend to join in. cousin maye is my second cousin from sablayan (in mindoro, philippines) and she and her husband immigrated to ireland instead of the US. they live in the suburb of clondalkin, just a few minutes from dublin proper.

our trip was an 8 day sprint. we made the best of the short trip, visiting all major parts of the country by taking 3 hour train rides everywhere - including a day visit to belfast in the UK.

i've posted a few of the photos from that trip here and there, but have never really gone into depth on this page. choosing instead, to just [hastily] update the flickr.

luckily for you, our friend farrah managed to finish [finally!] her online scrapbook of our trip today. it's pretty detailed so i guess 18 months is better than never.

if you ever get a chance, i highly encourage a visit to ireland. guinness tastes better there. slainte!


  1. farrah did an AMAZING job with that scrapbook! just PS... ;)