Friday, May 15, 2009

home, sweet, home

tulips | the botanical garden | april 22, 2009

i'm traveling again. last weekend was a catch-up from my trip to STT, which consisted of washing lots of sand out of my clothes and slathering vitamin e on my peeling skin.

i'm peeling. ew. [that's for you, stt]

today, i'm leaving for the lovely armpit of the country (NJ), where cousin #798,293 is getting married. then, next week, i'm off to vegas, baby.

while i'm not complaining (i always look forward to getaways!) the grass is always greener. the weather is finally warm here and i really want to have some relaxing weekends in my hometown - like people watching at the park, drinking at the waterfont etc.

a few weeks ago, i had the pleasure of touring a family friend from the philippines around dc. while taking her pictures at various sites, i took advantage and took some shots myself. these remind me how much i love DC.

flecks of gold | the ceiling at the basilica | april 22, 2009

[skewed] perspective | union station | april 22, 2009

the dome | u.s. capitol | april 22, 2009

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