Monday, May 18, 2009

NJ: more than bagels and pizza

as i mentioned, i went to a wedding in new jersey this past weekend. we had family in from the west coast, the south, and with all the rushing, we were eating lots of pizza (at least it was ny style -- one of the many famous ray's). on sunday, the thought of another rest stop meal didn't sit well with the fam .

so after some quick google searching, we ended up at pandan asian cuisine on broad street in verona, nj.

the owners of this restaurant were pretty savvy in that they didn't pigeonhole themselves to be a strictly filipino restaurant, but deep down, it definitely is. the difference from any other filipino restaurant in dc, however, is this restaurant's ability to make the salty, sweet, sourness of filipino food to be pretty. the ambience was cozy - asian but not annoyingly stereotypical. and while that was impressive (i have never seen another filipino-am restaurant as nice) the kicker was that the food was absolutely delicious. i'm not going to into the nitty gritty details, but the food was fresh, simple, and presented in a way that was appetizing without trying to hard. they even impressed a critic at the new york times.

needless to say, i definitely recommend this place if ever you're in the bloomfield area of new jersey.

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