Friday, May 22, 2009

to do: movies in the park - 80's style

most cities have a "screen on the green" or movies in the park. we used to do this in college and it was always a great time seeing people carry couches onto the lawn in front of the national shrine. and predictably, the rugby boys would streak. and then campus security would run after them with their batons.

it was fun at the catholic university of america.

yeah, i went there.

anyway, the theme for rosslyn's series this summer is i love the 80's. yeah, i know, exciting right? i'll be on the way to vegas tonight but if i were in town, i'd definitely watch one of my favorites: sixteen candles. i can't promise streakers, but you'll get a good dose of long duck dong.

jake ryan, i <3 you!

(thompson twins, i <3 you too!)

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