Saturday, February 23, 2008

counting my eggs before they hatch

spent the day spending the tax refund that i haven't filed yet. probably not the best idea, but a girl has got to shop!

first, a stop at shoefly. i have a shoe confession: i have a weakness for pointy flats. being that i'm 5'1 and taller than both of my grandmothers, i normally wear 3 inch heels to overcompensate. but seriously, it's just impractical when i'm running around the city. not-so-pretty on the feet.

check out these zip me up flats from not rated. i plan to get some good mileage out of these shoes. the best part? i got them on sale.

i love that the zipper detailing makes this neutral shoe interesting. and what a sweet little heart-shaped heel! (not that anyone will ever see it, but i don't care!)

i also found some teal patent leather jeffrey campbell love ballet flats to replace some old ones.

finally, we made a stop at free people and grabbed a black tank with some great lace detailing. looks like a plain, black cotton tank in the front, but when you turn around... surprise!

the most exciting discovery: a versatile black dress that i fell in love with. this model is wearing the dress over a tee but it looks just as good without anything layered underneath. the printed drawstring can be used to change the dress to a sweet, baby doll scoop neck line with a semi-scandalous key hole. the material is cotton at the perfect weight, so that it falls nicely. very flattering.

today was a good day.

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  1. gotta love a great shoe-bargain story! i went to DSW in westwood with my friend after work this past friday, and i scored a pair of brown boots. they had the green 50%-off tag on them, so score! only thing - they didn't have my size (9/9.5). the smallest left was a 10, but i snagged them up anyway since they were seriously like under $30. that's a steal in the world that is "men's shoes." that NEVER happens...!