Saturday, February 09, 2008

living up to my name

Pretty # 1 - barbed wire from a museum in Louisville, KY
Pretty #2 - discarded pots in the same museum in Louisville, KY

...and viola! After five, er, ten minutes of fiddling with my Flickr site and Illustrator, I get a masthead -- not the greatest masthead in the world, mind you. When I have real time, if I can snag Photoshop, and maybe find some pixie dust that will make me really creative, I'll make it something worth looking at but in the meantime, enjoy my point and shoot photography. gah, to be a real artist... sigh.

Seeing that I haven't been traveling in the last month (operation Christmas catch-up and the annual winter hibernation is in affect), I've decided to backpost with pretty things that I've encountered, and/or have made.

So to commemorate my masthead, I'll send you back to June 2006, Louisville, KY where my friends, R and A decided to hold their commitment ceremony. R was a good (read: sane) coworker of mine, and I grew to love her "tell it how it is manner" because really, people just need to know how ignorant they sound sometimes. There were a few of us close friends that opted to go to the wedding although some of us were a little reluctant to go to Louisville. I mean, not all of us are into horse racing. Bourbon distilleries, I could do, but I would much rather drink Maker's than learn how it is made. I dunno, sounds more fun, don't you think?

R put me in charge of Friday night's activity of gathering people at a Gallery Hop while the rest of the folks were at the rehearsal dinner. Cell phone and camera in hand, we went out on the town.

Now, this gallery hop is no joke. All of Louisville seemed to be out and about on dates. The museums provided free booze and apparently, it is legal to walk in outside with them so there tons of people on the sidewalks with beer and chardonnay in tow. Throw in drag queens in wedding gowns raising money for charity and you got an interesting night ahead of you. We all ended up at a bar, drinking the night away and so no pretty pictures were taken, just drunk ones.

Before the sunset ceremony, my friend J, who shared a room with me because her then bf was in colombia, decided to go the galleries again to actually enjoy the galleries. We came upon some great finds on our walk and I reveled in the pretties that I discovered in Louisville.

bella triste | barbed wire fence in a museum

tucked in the corner | pots in the museum

the one-stop shop for all your underwear & drapery needs

not quite a pretty, but pretty funny that kurt is alive and well in his louisville celebrity.


  1. pretty! my masthead attempts in the past have been quite unsuccessful. perhaps i will take another attempt at it today

  2. as the A in the A and R, I must say, Louisville IS nice! :) Thanks for the props to our hometown!
    A & R