Sunday, February 24, 2008

NOT pretty

can someone please send daniel day-lewis' date rachel zoe's phone number? ... or just give her a mirror?

there are so many things wrong with this outfit. i mean, i like being green and all but it looks like someone recycled christmas for a dress.

it looks like she took the table cloth and made a skirt, took the velvet tree skirt for the top (how else do you justify why the top part of her dress is an ackward length pointing to her tummy?). for good measure, she took the tie-on bows from her christmas tree to make straps and then decided to attach some of her christmas ornaments on the front. two different sizes, you know, so it wouldn't be too much.

and the shoes, THE SHOES?! i like weird shoes. i can't hate on that. but seriously, what's worse than a recycled christmas dress? recycled christmas dress paired with zebra shoes. o.m.g.


  1. DDL's shoes were horrid, too. i was saddened for him... a man with such talent sportin' those brown suede shoes. not even a hint of chic there. how sad. (but did you see the mess that was renee zellweger's hair?!)