Sunday, February 03, 2008

we love technology

I almost hate that I like Napoleon Dynamite. Actually, most people are surprised that I have the patience for it considering I, apparently, am unamerican for not loving Old School (though the old school music makes it totally bearable - I guess).

So, internet, you ask why the clip of Kip's wedding? Besides the obvious being that it's totally hilarious, this post is about my mom (not so obvious). She's the only mom I know from her generation who can keep up with, and in some cases surpass, my generation's technology. Not only did she own various, yes, various iPods before I got my one and only, she is currently planning on getting the iPhone in June in addition to a new laptop (I'm calling dibs on the new MacBook Air, but she'll probably get that before me, too). She's also mastered IM and chats with her boss, and on occasion, me. Can't get anything past her, she's a quick one!

So my mom just started a blog and not because I had one -- she was an avid reader of my previous blog but hadn't realized that I had moved on to blogger -- but because she's just super cool. I would share it you all but, she'd rather just have our family from around the world read it. Welcome to blogger, mom.


  1. holy crap. your mom blogs? that is freakin awesome .

  2. i completely love that you referenced napoleon dynamite. your mom certainly is the coolest. i mean come on, she totally hooked me up w/ your christmas list!