Wednesday, April 02, 2008

the adventures continue.

I'm currently sitting in a room that is four feet by six feet. It has a twin bed, a small triangular table and sheets. And I think there are bed bugs. This is my room for the night.

Long story short, Rwanda air sucks and cancels flights without telling anyone. The only flight I could get to Zambia to make it to my next conference without spending a gajillion dollars was to stay in Nairobi for a night. And being that we didn't get visas and that our flight leaves early tomorrow morning, we decided to just stay at a sleeping lounge at the airport. Stop laughing.

Yes. Leah is staying in a hostel like place. Stop laughing.

There are pictures. (I'm laughing in them).

I'll let you know how I fare tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Bed bugs. That brings back memories. I didn't realize there was a sleeping lounge at the Nairobi airport. I saw a few gates and a baggage claim. And dozens of people holding signs with names on them. Are you sure you're in an airport...