Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the (thousand) hills are alive

girl with her mother | 03.30.08 | outskirts of kigali, rwanda

After a rough day yesterday --- and by rough I mean, doing registration, without enough press badges for the major networks and other press that we were unaware were coming, under a tent, outside in the parking lot, during a 3 hour downpour AND running back and forth between said tent and meeting room, three floors up while having to get magnometered and body searched about 57x because a certain head of state was our keynote -- my friend and I decided to enjoy the night and grab a bottle of wine and chill in the hotel lobby.

Next thing you know, the Von Trapp children (yes, like in the Sound of Music) were hanging out in the lobby also. So we made friends. (Yes, I made friends with a bunch of teenagers, but the COOLEST teeagers EVER). Oh and YES, they are great grandchildren of Captain and Maria Von Trapp.

These kids are amazing- - the two oldest, Sophia and Melanie, are doing good work with some orphanages here in Africa and have the most beautiful voices. After much prodding, they regaled us with a mini concert last night. And I melted.

If today wasn't such a big CF with our flights to Zambia being cancelled last minute, we were all going to hang out today for lunch/coffee or something. We ran into them in town, and apparently, they were waiting for us to call or show up, but we were busy taking an unplanned tour of Kigali because they don't have airline ticketing in one central place (including the airport). Trust me, we would have much rather have hung out with them than run around and make 3 almost flight itineraries in three different places today.

Amanda (the third youngest) has her eyes set on GW for school. So I get to play DC tour guide when she's in town next. Yay! So I guess I'll see them again another time.

Will be leaving for Zambia by way of Nairobi this morning (booked our tickets at just shy over 24 hours before departure), that is, if I don't get arrested in the airport for having plastic bags -- polyurethane bags are illegal here. How green!

Signing off from the payes des milles colline [land of a thousand hills],

love, leah

ps. since wireless internet is unpredictable here, i'll have to post my photos later, as there is nothing more frustrating as getting stuff halfway uploaded and then realizing that the line got dropped. soon! promise!


  1. what i would do to just have a slice of your experience right now!?! love it so much.

  2. wow! what a random run in!

    love the pic.

  3. like i told you the other day - how random was it that i just bought TSOM dvd and was totally all into the extra stuff (including stuff about the von trapp family), and the next day you totally meet them? simpatico, my friend. simply that.