Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a difference a day makes...

zambezi river sunset cruise on the african queen | 04.10.08

Last night, we decided to take a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. I knew it would be relaxing and pretty non-eventful but I was hoping that I could spot some hippos or a stray elephant on the shore. Not-so-much. We ended up seeing a herd of giraffes, but they were so far away, it wasn't all that exciting. Zambezi River upstream from the falls: Beautiful, yes. Eventful, no.

Today, on the other hand, was all kinds of exciting.

Let's take a little quiz shall we?

Today, Leah:

  1. walked 4 feet away from 3 zebras
  2. came home from an excursion with rope burn on her face
  3. came home from an excursion with massive sun burns on her face
  4. came home from an excursion with a bloody nose
  5. came home from an excursion with a pulled muscle in her leg
  6. professed my love to a Zambian guy that saved me
  7. all of the above
Ding! Ding! Ding! if you chose #7, you are correct. While, I'm sure most of you are thinking that I got in a huge fight with a zebra (that is the most likely conclusion - I admit), I actually put myself in the predicament that has caused me this pain from this afternoon (which really isn't all that bad - promise!).

See this pretty picture I took of the bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe?

I jumped off of it. Into the Batoka Gorge.

  • bungee jumping - CHECK.

(hi mom! i'm still alive.)

**it would have been more poignant to just upload the video from the jump here, but as you know i have troubles with slow internet. plus, i have to edit out my bloody nose -- though i'm sure that's pretty entertaining to some of you.


  1. don't edit out the bloody nose!

  2. AWE-SOME. I'm glad you did it. BTW, I was never able to sleep after we had your "pre-jump" chat on-line. I literally had like 2.5 hours of sleep last night. Grrr. At least you did something crazy. Like I said - from "Turkey Run" to "Victoria Falls." You have arrived. (ahahaha)

  3. How cool is that!?! I can't wait to see the video.