Monday, April 14, 2008

Songs in My Head v2 & Africa updates

Despite the luxury that is B-Class on our 24 hour trip back from Africa, I was unable to sleep. Thank goodness for iPods and forgotten playlists.

Here are the songs stuck in my head (not the best playlist mind you, but at least it's not covers of tracy chapman or bob marley... yay!):

  1. If you Leave, the Cure
  2. Somebody, Depeche Mode
  3. Drive, the Cars
  4. Creep, Radiohead
  5. Amber, 311
  6. Fix You, Coldplay
  7. Brick, Ben Folds Five
  8. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, U2
  9. Such Great Heights, Iron and Wine
  10. With Or Without You, U2
  11. Run, Snow Patrol
  12. Landslide, Smashing Pumpkins
  13. Trouble, Coldplay
  14. Patience, Guns N Roses
  15. When Love and Hate Collide, Def Leppard (i really don't know...but i like it)
  16. Can't Fight This Feeling, REO Speedwagon
  17. Everybody Hurts, REM (this put me to sleep for 5 minutes)
  18. Love and Some Verses, Iron and Wine
  19. Fade Into You, Mazzy Star (woke up to this)
  20. She Will be Loved - Acoustic, Maroon 5
  21. Dia De Enero, Shakira
  22. The Blower's Daughter, Damien Rice
  23. Both Sides Now, Joni Mitchell
  24. Colorblind, Counting Crows
Random, but now I'm listening to it again.

I did a fairly good job of avoiding any horizontal surfaces yesterday after landing at 7am after only 4 hours of sleep in 24 hours. That is, until after 7pm (that's 1am Africa time) in which I passed out, until 3am (9am in Africa). Real internet is a great thing before dawn. That is, until I passed out again for a couple of hours.

Updates include:
  • the Von Trapp video is up. finally.
  • two sets of Victoria Falls videos and animal updates are up on this post
  • and various other pic updates on other posts
Still working on:
  • the jump video
  • uploading the other pictures


  1. remember how i said your taste in music is depressing? but loving ummmm 4, 9, 12, 14, and 17. and 22. and i may listen to the entire list on a day i would like to drink heavily.

    i'm sad just thinking about it. hahha

  2. meeting the von trapp grandkiddies makes a facial rope burn and a pulled muscle all worth it, don't ya think? great seeing ya and hearing all bout africa, if only for a few hours

  3. Enjoy! Totally unrelated to your post, but figured you'd appreciate it (or not). Hee.