Saturday, February 07, 2009

i heart cupcakes (literally!)

chocolate cupcakes with [raspberry] buttercream

i've been craving cupcakes lately. but instead of having to chose one of the many cupcakeries in dc or alexandria, and then having to make a decision on what flavor i want (too many choices!), i just decided to make my own. and since i had a limited amount of ingredients in house and only mini muffin tins, i ended up with mini chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream. very v-day, don't you think?

mini cupcakes + mini hearts = big cute!

now, i just have to figure out what to do with all these! do you want a cupcake?


  1. of course i want a cupcake. sigh. thank you again for the help with the movie maker. our project was a huge hit!

  2. when do i not want a cupcake? it's AFTER i have the cupcake when the trouble starts. ugh...