Saturday, February 28, 2009

things i won't do: mystery can

i've jumped off a perfectly good bridge but i won't do this.

first, read this: the plug issue #36 mystery can II

now, being that i grew up with a different palate than some that read this blog this is really funny to me. because I KNOW the strange things you can get in a can and i would NEVER take on this challenge. because i hate throwing up.

it's pretty funny though, i think jay walked into a filipino store as evidenced by the quail eggs (i gag just thinking about this), ginitaang munggo, ligo, and mangosteens that tracy had to eat. the challenge wouldn't have been that bad, but since they had no idea what they were eating (labels were taken off as part of the rules), it was more a mental thing.


would you do this?

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  1. i'm laughing so hard right now... lol!!! awesome. hey - i'm home next-next week. let's do dinner/drinks in the week (if possible), even if it's a low-key one? i know that we're both on recessionista/o mode, so Michel Richard isn't on our radar, but i'm sure we can come up with something worthwhile. 'cause we GOT IT LIKE THAT. LOL! xo