Saturday, February 21, 2009

taking bread from stale to fresh. rum helps.

despite my neverending bout with the plague, i've been making time to make some pretty food (for other people - since i can't really enjoy food right now). last week, i was excited to buy some pan de sal (filipino bread rolls) just to have sandwiches, toast, etc for the week. it was not-so-exciting when i realized that it was close to stale.

this is what stale pan de sal looks like

what does one do with a dozen stale rolls? make bread pudding.

rum raisin bread pudding

i've never made bread pudding, so i used this recipe from the foodnetwork. obviously, instead of bread, i used 10 pan de sal rolls. and as far as dark rum goes, i only had tanduay, from the philippines, so it fit in nicely to my [unplanned] filipino version of this dessert. finally, to add a little kick, i let the raisins soak and plump up in a little more rum before i threw it in with the recipe.

a yummy way to save perfectly good stale bread!


  1. yummo + yummo = yummo!

    and i'll forgive you for the raisin inclusion. :P

  2. Nice job...everyone has that problem with pan de sol going stale.