Tuesday, February 10, 2009

obsession: blood oranges

when i went to poland and few years ago, i had a layover in milan and flew alitalia to vienna (and eventually, to krakow - that's another story). it was a morning flight and we were treated to italian pastries, coffee and breakfast juices. i was surprised when the attendant handed me a glass of red liquid after i had asked for orange juice. it was then that i fell in love with blood oranges. and while that sounds really dramatic, i really have a tendency to get obsessed with things that i like. basically, i keep at it until i'm tired of it, and them move on to the next obsession (it being meals, juices, hobbies, recipes, and especially music - you get the picture). after my trip, still reeling after my discovery, my love for blood oranges was cut short when i couldn't find them anywhere here in dc. i tried specialty groceries, organic groceries, the internet. no go.

so yesterday, i was delighted (as in, i almost squealed out loud) to find blood oranges at the local grocery store. i thought of all the recipes that i had looked up after my trip that required blood oranges. i couldn't remember too many, and really, i'm happy just having the fruit/juice by itself. but i did remember a fennel salad that i tasted during restaurant week a few years ago at sette bello in arlington.

since the weather has been pretty mild lately, this was a perfect dinner idea for tonight. i paired it with a honey garlic salmon recipe that was adapted from a vietnamese recipe that my mom received from her co-worker.

salad of fennel, endive, blood oranges, and almonds
with a homemade champagne vinaigrette
shown with honey garlic roasted salmon topped with caramelized onions

now, off to make another batch of cupcakes for some friends (see? obsessed).


  1. my recommendation: White chocolate blood orange truffles. You can get them at ACKC (artfully chocolate/kingsbury confections) on 14th Street, my new fave place in the world.
    they also make lavender and BRIE chocolates there. yes, i said brie!
    oh, AND you can take chocolate classes there! we should totally take one.

  2. that looks HEAVENLY. YUMMMMMMM

  3. See? If you were on Fbook you would know that my status update during the past week was totally about how I love blood oranges and miss Roma. They sell them at Trader Joes and they're actually really good from there! I still want to find the juice, though. Maybe I should call Alitalia :)